New Website and Topics Database

December 7, 2022

Our new website has finally launched, and as the previous one was a blue screen with the Studio 42 logo, this is a huge improvement!

The new website and new look are part of a larger project to realign the group with our core values of exploring controversial ideas while remaining critical, respectful and while having fruitful conversations. This new website is intended to be more informative about our activities, and more appealing to potential new members who are interested in joining the group.

Public Database of Topics

If you are interested in hosting your own discussion events, we make all of our discussion topics available to the public under a Creative Commons 0 license. That means you can take our topic ideas, and even copy the titles and description texts for your own use. We are committed to spreading our love of intellectual dialogue and helping anyone who wishes to facilitate discussions. You can find our database of topics here.