Discussion: Your Impact

6:00pm, April 30, 2023

Living in the world today, it's easy to feel insignificant. As we become more connected and aware of news from around the globe, we come to know more about all the problems and suffering of others. Yet as our big picture gets bigger, we feel smaller within it. It feels as if we are being swept away by the tide, and cannot make any difference in the world.

But this cynicism pays no dividends. It doesn't help others and doesn't help your self. We all have a natural need to find meaning in life and to believe that we are contributing to the community around us.

Is it possible to make a significant contribution and have a positive impact on the world? How do we find meaning in our life?

Join us for fun, friendly and substantive discussion about the important topics of the day. All opinions are welcome for this friendly, moderated discussion.