Discussion: Postmodern Life

6:00pm, October 16, 2022

WTF is postmodernism? Maybe nobody really knows; even expert philosophers disagree about it and struggle to explain it. Broadly speaking, it means that we reject certainty. We live in a world where it's difficult to be sure about facts, and where knowledge is always filtered through the lens of our own culture and bias. We question religion and traditional knowledge, sources that delivered certainty in the past. Even academic discourse and modern science are recognized as flawed human endeavours, and held up to skepticism.

How do you live in this world where there are no hard rules and nothing is black and white? It can be exhausting to filter through the media and question everything. It's anxiety-inducing to make moral choices when there are no hard rules and doing the right thing requires you to undertake a complex thought process.

Let's talk about the world that we all live in. Do you find it difficult? How do you cope with it? Are we on the right track? Has postmodernism failed us or have we failed postmodernism?

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