Discussion: New Year's Resolutions

6:00pm, January 8, 2023

Some of you might scoff at the idea of New Year's resolutions. "You can set goals on any day of the year", or "You should always be working on self-improvement", I hear you making these foundational objections. But there is something to the idea of choosing one momentous day, making a solemn promise to yourself that you'll really do it this time, and then telling all of your friends about it, so that you can motivate yourself with stifling social pressure to follow through on your plan.

What is your New Year's resolution? How will you achieve it? Or are you one of those cynical kill-joys who protests against setting yourself a resolution? Let's get together and talk about what this new year will offer us, if we have the determination to seize it!

Join us for fun, friendly and substantive discussion about the important topics of the day. All opinions are welcome for this friendly, moderated discussion.